International Conference 2022 

 Futuristic Information Systems: Aspirations and Apprehensions

24-26 August 2022

International Conference 2022 

 Futuristic Information Systems: Aspirations and Apprehensions

24-26 August 2022


The library and information science domain is very keen to adopt and apply new developments in the field of technology. The LIS profession has always been influenced by socio-economic developments around the world. Data economy, AI , and robotics have brought about drastic changes in teaching, learning , research and industry and those changes will invariably impact LIS practices. The covid 19 pandemic has a profound impact on the conventional modes of practices in LIS field. This international conference aims to throw light on the demands and challenges of futuristic information systems. The library and information profession is in the verge of total role change . The present era demands for novel strategies for user engagement for creative out comes in research and academics, which necessitates offering of new services. The Conference shall set off to identify, acquire and polish with groundbreaking resourcefulness for the present and upcoming demands in the library and information field. This conference is organised with the core conviction that upgradation and enhancement of skills, knowledge, attitude and values are essential for offering better service to humanity.


1. Ms. Barbara Lison, President, IFLA

2. Ms. Sadie Roosa & Amy Numberger, Repository Services, MIT.

3. Ms.Nicole Calsen, The German National Library of Economics, Germany.

4. Mr. Tom Derrick, Digital Curator, British Library, UK

5. Mr.Ramazan Yener, Syracuse University, USA.

6. Ms.Nompumelelo Matsebula, LIbrarian, Botho University, Eswatini.

7. Mr. Gültekin Gürdal,Library Director, IZTECH, Turkey.

8. Ms. Robin Kear, Faculty Librarian, University Senate President, University of Pittsburgh.

and many more...

Paper Submission

Original research papers, research surveys, case studies on any of the sub-themes or covering topics relevant to the main theme of the conference may be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The selected papers will be published, pre-conference in a book form by a private publisher and shall be available to authors on a payment basis.

Author Guidelines

The papers must be submitted according to the following formats :

  • The paper may be limited to 3000 to 5000 words

  • All papers should be typed on Microsoft Word using Times New Roman Font with 12 pt. Size.

  • Paper size should be A4, portrait (8.5” x 11”) using 1.5 line spacing with margins 1” (top, bottom, and right) and 1.5” (left).

  •  Headings and subheadings must be in bold font, justified, and numbered according to the level of heading as below:

                   1. First level heading

                   1.1 Second level heading

                      1.1.1 Third level heading

  • Figures, charts, photos, and tables within the paper should have proper numbers and descriptions.

  • The main title should be followed by the name, affiliation, and address of the author(s) with email ID.

  • The length of the abstract should not be more than 200 words in italics.

  • At least 5 keywords must be given after the abstract with bold phase.

  • All papers must be accompanied by one passport size colour photograph of author(s) together with a brief CV.

  • References/bibliographies may be cited as per APA format prescribed by the American Psychological Association(

Sub Themes

The conference will discuss the different aspirations and apprehensions of the library professionals on futuristic information systems. The main theme will be divided into several sub-themes as detailed below:

Themes are not limited to those given below. Any topics relevant to the conference theme are accepted.

Libraries as idea incubation centers

  • Space as library service

  • Crowd sourcing

  • Innovative practices and library as learning lab

  • New age skills for learning and earning

  • Creative thinking platforms

  • Community development programs

  • Mentoring, coaching and training for enrichment

  • Emotional Intelligence,

  • Emotions in information search process,

LIS Curriculum and the global scenario

  • Curriculum development policies

  • Revision of curriculum

  • Needs-responsive curriculum

  • Digital literacy concepts

  • Digital life and post human issues

  • Transdisciplinary approach and LIS Curriculum

Psychology for LIS Professionals

  • Violence and aggression in cyber space
  • Inhibition in use of ICT : Skills, awareness, attitude, ethics,

  • Online disinhibition effect and information

  • Information security and social engineering

  • Information Behavior

  • Enhancing quality of research amidst of information overload

  • Google effect on Intellect, memory etc

  • Information overload and Dehumanisation

  • Internet addiction/Mobile adiction

  • Information anxiety/Information fatigue,

  • Cyber psychology for LIS Professionals

  • Information and productuctivity among  Haves and have nots
  • Assessment of Information related issues : Information fatige/anxity, attention related problems,Intellectual abilities , etc.
  • Application of positive psychology in libraries

  • Psycap in libraries

Librarians as entreprenuers

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Economising information & services

  • Justification of budgets and services

  • Self practicing librarianship

  • MOOCs : Libraries as centers

  • Information repackaging

Green Library Concept

  • Practicing of Green Protocol

  • Paperless services

  • Environmental aspects

  • Green energy exploitation

  • Waste management

  • Building concepts

  • Noise reduction

Impactful Libraries

  • Libraries @24/7

  • Equitable Access to Information

  • Access to credible sources

  • User Surveys

  • Feedback of services

  • Rating of libraries & their services

  • Remote Access and services

  • Digital resources

  • Disaster management & Recovery Plans

  • Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence, IOT

Research Data Management

  • Data security

  • Digital rights

  • Open data repositories

  • Data visualization

  • Data management

  • Data sharing

  • Data curation

  • Apps for data purification and analysis

Library, Information and knowledge management

  • Change management

  •  Disruptive innovations
  • Attitudinal change

  • Orgnaisational cultural change

  • Micro skills and value addition

  • Branding library services

  • Personal branding for LIS professionals

  • Quality of Library services

  • Nudges and nudging in libraries

  • Happiness in libraries

  • Tools and techniques for manging Misinformation, disinformation, fake news

  • Role of librarians in management of Tacit knowledge

  • Oral traditions and knowledge management

  • Power of story telling in transfering implicit wisdom : Mahabharatha, Masnavi e Masnavi , etc 

  • Indegenous knowledge preservation

Conference Schedule

Important dates

The Conference will be held in an online format by using a suitable platform. Link for the Conference will be sent upon registration. Digital Conference certificates will be sent by mail at the conclusion of the conference.

Last Date for Submission of Full Papers   20th July 2022
Notification of acceptance   25th June 2022
Last Date for Registration   15th August 2022

Please contact Sreelatha K. Program Coordinator (+91 9495765760) for any clarification regarding the schedule or any other assistance regarding the conference.

Conference Committee

Chief Patron

Dr. M.K.Jayaraj, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, University of Calicut


Dr. M. Nassar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Calicut

Dr. E. K. Satheesh, Registrar, University of Callicut.


Dr. Abdul Azeez T. A., University Librarian,

C.H. Mohammed Koya Library 

University of Calicut.

Phone : +91 494 2470290



Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • No Registration fee
  • Last Date for Submission of Full Papers   30th June 2022
    Notification of acceptance   25th June 2022
    Last Date for Registration   15th August 2022
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