1. Application for membership can be submitted at the circulation counter from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. on normal working days.Loan counter will start functioning after half an hour from the opening of the library and will be closed before half an hour of the closing of the library.

  2. Affiliated college students, teachers, research scholars and graduate members. members of Senate, Syndicate,Academic Council, Faculties and Boards of Studies have to pay an amount of Rs.1000/- as caution deposit for membership. Remittances at the Library Counter alone will be entertained. Research Scholars will have to produce a copy of their Ph.D Registration Order.

  3. A recent stamp size photograph is to be produced along with the filled up application form to be affixed on the Identity Card. The members must bring their identity cards while visiting the Library.

  4. a) For Graduate membership Rs.50/- has to be paid every year as annual subscription. Fresh application form is to be submitted while renewing the membership.

    b) A copy of the Graduation Certificate (attested by a Gazetted Officer) is to be enclosed with the first application.

    c) The application form should be submitted within one month from the date of recommendation of the Gazetted Officer.

    d) The Gazetted Officer who recommends graduate membership should have at least 2 years of service for retirement while recommending the membership.

    e) Students of Unaided Affiliated Colleges and SDE should furnish the recommendations by the Principal of the institution and by a Gazetted Officer as in the case of the Graduate members.

    f) Library offers temporary membership also. Fee of Rs.10/- for one day and Rs. 100/- for two weeks has to be remitted at the library counter.

  5. All unclaimed caution deposits alter 2 years of the expiry of the membership will be forfeited and credited to Calicut University fund.

  6. For research scholars a declaration by the HOD must be submitted with the application form in the prescribed form. The qualifying certificate of the research students should be obtained and kept in the department at the time of recommending their membership and be returned only after producing Clearance Certificate from the University Librarian as in the case of other students. They shall also be required to produce Clearance Certificate from the University Librarian before they are permitted to submit their theses.

  7. Books are issued for a period of one month and an overdue charge of 50 paise per volume per day shall be levied for a book not returned on or before the due date. Failure to clear all outstanding dues within six months may entail the forfeiture of membership.

  8. Renewal of books: Loan may be renewed at the discretion of the University Librarian for a further period of one month provided that the request for renewal either written or by e-mail should reach the University Librarian before tho due date and that no other member has reserved for the book in the meantime. Renewal for a further period of one month will also be allowed on the same conditions (e-maiiiD: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). But not more than two consecutive renewals are permitted.

  9. Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in sound condition and if not, shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the staff on duty. Otherwise the member will be held responsible for any damage found afterwards.

  10. In case a book is damaged or lost, the borrower is required to replace the book by a latest or same edition, or he/she will be required to pay four times the published price of the book plus 20% of the published price as procurement charges and also overdue charges, if any.

  11. The retention of a book beyond a period of six months from the due date without any satisfactory explanation may lead to the cancellation of the membership. Such membership shall be renewed only at the discretion of the University Librarian.

  12. Heads of University Departments, Principals of the Affiliated Colleges and the Heads of other Offices in the University Campus like State Bank of Travancore, Post Office etc. should insist that their students/Staff/Teachers etc. who are members of the Library, to produce a Clearance Certificate from the University Librarian to the effect that they have returned all books and cleared all the dues before they are admitted to the final University exams/issue of Transfer Certificate/ Relieving Order which ever is earlier.

  13. The identity card and borrower's tickets issued from the Library are to be returned for obtaining Clearance Cirtificate. If these are lost, an amount of Rs.25/- (Rupees Twenty five only) for identity card and Rs.20/- (Rupees Twenty only) for each borrower's ticket have to be remitted for issuing Clearance Certificate.

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