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Workshop on Koha

Workshop On Koha - An Open-Source Integrated Library System (ILS)

The purpose of the Workshop is to familiarize the participants with the Koha open source Integrated Library System (ILS) developed in 1999 by Katipo Communications, New Zealand. Koha is considered as a highly sophisticated web-based ILS, with a SQL database backend and accessible via Z39.50 or SRU. The user interface is very configurable and adaptable and has been translated into many languages. Koha has most of the features that would be expected in an ILS, including:

  • Web 2.0 facilities like tagging, comment, Social sharing and RSS feeds
  • Union catalogue facility
  • Customizable search
  • Circulation and borrower management
  • Full acquisitions system including budgets and pricing information
  • Ability to cope with any number of branches, patrons, patron categories, item categories, items, currencies and other data
  • Reading lists for members
  • UNICODE and library standards compliant
  • Export/import and backup/restoration facilities:


  • To introduce the Linux operating system to the participants.
  • To provide extensive hands-on-training to the participants so as to enable them to work independently.
  • To equip the participants for managing Koha at institutions with large collections

Target Audience

The Workshop will be of immense benefit to LIS professionals working in any type of library. The number of participants is restricted to 30 . Extensive practical sessions/hands-on-training, enriched with interactive sessions will be the hallmark of the Workshop.

Jointly Organized by

    C.H. Mohammed Koya Library, University of Calicut
    Department of Library and Information Science
    Kerala Library Association Kozhikode Region


  • From 14th to 17th November, 2018
  • Registration for the Koha Basic programme (14 - 15, November 2018) . Advanced programme (16 -17, November 2018) .
  • Venue

      Digital Library, CHMK Library, University of Calicut

    Workshop Faculty

    The Workshop will be handled by experts with extensive practical experience in Linux and Koha. The core resource persons are:

  • Mr. Jamsheer N.P., University of Calicut
  • Mr. Mohanan A., University of Calicut
  • Mr. Manu C., University of Calicut
  • Registration

      The Workshop is designed with two courses. In the first two-day course, hands-on-sessions on Koha Basic will be provided. In the second two-day course hands-on-sessions on Koha Advanced will be provided. The participants can register for both the courses or they can register any one of them. The fee covers the cost of workshop kit, course materials, lunch and tea. The fee should be paid in in advance the details and mode of payments will be intimated to the selected candidates.

    Course Coverage Details:

    Koha Basic (14-15 November, 2018) fee Rs.2000/-

    • Linux basics
    • Installation of Koha
    • Koha Basics and Features
    • Basic Koha Administration
    • Cataloging and Circulation
    • OPAC
    • Report Generation

    Koha Advanced (16-17 November, 2018) fee Rs. 2000/-

    • Configuration of E-mail in Koha
    • Setting up of SMS alert
    • Tweaking of MARC Framework
    • Koha MARC Mapping
    • Batch Processing of Catalog
    • Batch Processing of Patron
    • Linux Command Line Basics
    • Generation of Notice & Slips
    • Koha tools
    • Generation of Labels, ID Card
    • Customized Reports
    • OPAC Customisation
    • Authority Management
    • Koha best practices

    Basic and Advanced together (14-17 November, 2018) Rs. 4000/-

    Register Online

    Workshop Organizing Committee

    Contact :

    Phone : 9447458304

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