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The Seven Sections of the Library are assigned different tasks to attain the goals of the library.

Acquisition Section :

  • Apportionment of annual budgetary allocation

  • Book selection policy formulation

  • Assessment of information requirements

  • Scanning publishers’ catalogues and book reviews

  • Consolidation of user requirement

  • Placing order and receiving books

  • Maintenance of accounts

  • Receive gift books and their screening

  • Receive theses

  • Accessioning of library materials

  • Physical processing of reading materials

Technical Section :

  • Classification of documents – DDC 22nd Ed.

  • Cataloguing – AACR2

  • Subject headings – Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • Re-classification and re-cataloguing

  • Display of new additions

  • List of new arrivals

Maintenance Section :

  • Issue of books

  • Physical maintenance of books

  • Reservation

  • Arragement of books and shelf rectification

Circulation Section

  • Address readers’ queries

  • Issue, renewal and cancellation of membership

  • Return and renewal of books

  • Overdue collection

Reference Section:

  • Answering reference queries

  • Maintenance of syllabus and previous question papers

  • Maintenance of theses and other reference materials

  • Textbook collection

Periodicals Section :

  • Journal selection policy formulation

  • Apportionment of annual budgetary allocation

  • Selection of journals, ordering and renewal

  • Maintenance of accounts

Infonet Section :

  • Purchase of online journals and e-books

  • User orientation programmes

  • Personal assistance in searching database

  • Daisy book (Digital Accessible Information System) production

  • Digitization of theses and question papers

  • Maintenance of e-resources

  • Digital repository maintenance

  • Co-ordination of automation activities

  • Creation and maintenance of user interface for e-resources

  • Library website management

  • Training programmes in Koha to in-house and external library professionals

  • Articles on request

  • Library automation – External consultancy servic

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